Loving Being Real - Open Floor Dance Workshop with Madhuma


Travelling from her new home ground of Bermagui, NSW, Madhuma is bringing her workshop ‘Loving Being Real' to grace our dance floor here in Hobart.
This is a very special opportunity to take your dancing practice to a new edge.

"So often we feel alone with our feelings. On the Open Floor we value the ability to feel deeply, to find authentic expression for these feelings, and find intimate ways of breaking old barriers to sharing what really matters to us."

It is easy to be real when we are on our true path and aligned with our values. But when things are not going our way it is easy to move into resistance. Our minds, bodies and emotions throw up negative, self-sabotaging loops and patterns that can take us out and away from our immediate experience.
Love is the central thing.
When our love for ‘being real’ becomes stronger than our reactions and stories, a tipping point occurs, and with that comes a willingness to BE with whatever arises. What is real and true comes into focus.

Buoyed by our movement practice and our community of willing souls, a real possibility is offered for you to access new layers of emotional intelligence, emotional resilience, and choice.
This is a love affair with the real you. There is no going back.
But why on this sweet earth would you?

TEACHER - Madhuma Thompson

Madhuma's teaching has grown out of 35 years of meditation, spiritual enquiry and the living wisdom of Osho’s lineage. Having trained to teach 5Rhythms with Gabrielle Roth in 2007, in early 2016 she branched out to become an Open Floor Movement teacher. Madhuma holds space with a gentle and creative power - teaching to large groups as well as smaller intensives and workshops in Australia and abroad.

"I am certain that whether your dance is one of despair, rapture or simply ‘ho-hum’, it is the perfect doorway into a more real, alive and wondrous way of being here and now." ~ Madhuma

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May 3rd - 5th
Friday 7.00 - 9.30 pm
Saturday 11:00 - 6.00
Sunday 11:30 - 5:30

Full Price: $275
Early Bird $235
Concession: $195
Friday night only: $25
Early bird to be paid by April 15th

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