What is Open Floor?

Open Floor is not about learning to dance. It’s about dancing to learn.
— Sue Rickards, Open Floor Founding Member

Open Floor Movement Practice is a lively, life-affirming dance inquiry inviting us to track our thoughts, feelings, and habits and turn them into creative fuel. Using a foundation of mindfulness and universal movement resources such as breath, grounding and centering; our aim is to use our movement practice to be fully embodied – physically, emotionally, mentally. This simply means being at home in our body for the beautiful ride of being alive - present for anything and everything.

Open Floor is a free-form dance space with no dance experience required or steps to follow; an explorative, drug and alcohol free space to fully express yourself, dance wildly or gently, and connect with yourself and others.

Henry regularly teaches classes and workshops in Melbourne, and travels to his home state of Tasmania monthly to offer classes and workshops. 

Open Floor is also a global community of movers, gathering all over the world to dance through life together. For more information about Open Floor International click here.


Why dance?

"This body is a rare and precious gift."  Buddha

And for this one precious life, it is our home address.

When we use the dance to be fully embodied – physically, emotionally, mindfully – it simply means being home for the beautiful ride of being alive. It means we're present for anything and everything: loving, losing, colliding, learning, creating, connecting, feeling. 
To be embodied is to come to our senses. To show up and learn to stay with our experience whether it's good or bad. To feel our power and to make things happen in our world.

When we live an embodied life we are fluid, flexible, and free to experience all of the wild and subtle moments that go by, the ones that are heavenly and the ones that drop us to our knees. 

To be embodied is to arrive at death in peace, free of regret for having missed our life because we weren't home.

For more information, visit: www.openfloor.org

Photo credit: Primal Aspect

Photo credit: Primal Aspect